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Achievers Program; Transforming Underprivileged but Smart Youth to become Future Leaders of Africa.

Updated: Dec 16, 2021

SEO Africa Staff pictured with Achievers (in the middle)
SEO Africa Staff pictured with Achievers (in the middle)

Our Achievers program was launched in 2017 through your donations to provide scholarship opportunities to Ghanaian Senior High School students. The initiative provides motivated and intelligent students from underprivileged backgrounds with financial support, mentorship, academic and career guidance.

Your continuous support has seen our 1st cohort of 6 scholars through secondary school and enrolled in tertiary institutions on the continent. Your pledges has also seen 2 of the scholars gain admission into engineering programs at KNUST.

Currently, the 2 scholars are in their 3rd year and are undertaking internships, receiving mentorships and regular training from the SEO Africa.

We invite you to become a supporter of the Achievers Program by donating. Please email

This initiative is managed by the SEO Africa team and the Junior Alumni Engagement Group (JAEG).

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