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CV and Essay Advice

Advice On Creating A Good CV

  • Keep it to only 1 page.

  • Ensure there are no spelling or grammatical errors.

  • The average person looking at a CV looks at it for no more than 30 seconds, so only put in things that will impress them, everything else, take out

  • Remember, the purpose of the CV is to get you an interview. So everything listed in your CV should be with that goal in mind.

  • Make sure you follow ALL the rules listed in our application form when preparing your CV for SEO Africa

Here is an example of a good CV:  Yaw Obeng CV

Advice On Writing A Good Essay

  • This is one of the key parts of the application that can make you stand out over other applicants, so make sure it is the best essay you can produce.

  • Think about who your audience is and what message you would like to convey to them with your essay.

  • Create a first draft where you write down all your different thoughts and ideas of answering the essay question. Write as much as you can, even if it is three times longer than our required limit.

  • Take a break.

  • Review what you wrote and pick out the most important sections you want to highlight to the reader of your essay, and rewrite those sections so that they flow from one section to the next and it is easy to read.

  • Take a break.

  • Review your essay again and find ways to make it better:

    • If there are words that are unnecessary, take them out

    •  Focus on making it concise and easy to read

  • Continue to cycle between taking breaks and revising the essay until you are happy with the final product

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