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About SEO Africa

SEO Africa is a non-profit leadership development organization building its presence across the African continent. SEO Africa was created to select, train, mentor and provide corporate access to university students with the highest potential, and in the process develop a network of future leaders across Africa.

Here are the 5 main components of the SEO Africa Career Programme:

SEO Africa conducts a meticulous recruitment and selection process whereby we filter out the best university students based on ability, motivational drive and leadership qualities

Corporate Access

SEO Africa partners with the top companies in Africa and the UK who look to hire the best talent on the continent, and works with them to provide internships to these top candidates


All SEO Africa candidates undergo a world class training programme where we prepare students with both soft and technical skills to excel in the corporate environment

All graduates of the SEO Africa programme will become a part of a global network of SEO alumni from over 40 countries around the world


Candidates are mentored by alumni of the USA and UK programmes who are among the top professionals in their fields, and many of whom have obtained MBAs from top business schools such as Harvard, Stanford and Wharton

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