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Bloomberg Engineering Accelerator Bootcamp

Interested in building a career as a software engineer? We are happy to inform you that one of our partner companies, Bloomberg, will be in Ghana and Nigeria next month to embark on an Engineering Accelerator Bootcamp. The Bootcamp will be an avenue to recruit interns and full-time software engineers for Bloomberg’s offices in London and to participate in coding and problem-solving workshops. The team will visit Lagos and Accra in Nigeria and Ghana respectively. The details & eligibilities of the bootcamp are as follows: INTERNSHIPS

  • Interested in building a career as a Software Engineer.

  • Have programming experience in C, C++, Java or Python.

  • Completed a data structures + algorithms course.


  • Less than three years of professional software engineering experience

  • Experience in any programming language (C, C++, Java, JavaScript/TypeScript, or Python)

This position requires at least one of the following: a) A degree in Computer Science or related field, and/or b) An equivalent combination of education, and/or c) Specialized training, and/or d) Related professional experience


  • Lagos – October 17, 2022

  • Accra – October 20, 2022


Application Deadline - September 30, 2022 If you have questions or need assistance, please reach out to

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