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Mentorship and donation to assist pupils

Project Date

12 January 2019

Alumni Class

SEO Africa 2018 (GH)



Project description

The SEO Africa 2018 interns undertook a community service project with pupils of The Christ Faith Foster Home and School in Frafraha. They mentored and also donated educational materials to the pupils and home. They embarked on an engagement/mentorship session with the pupils of the school and also donated learning materials to them. The day was rounded off with fun games and photos.The programme started off with the SEO Africa interns teaching the pupils a motivation song. The words of the song are ‘if it gets hard, you have to work harder and never give up.’ This set the tone for the programme. Thereafter there was a break-out session where the children were put into different groups based on their age and academic level. They were encouraged and given tips on how to excel in life and tips on how to apply and get to the university as well as passing their exams among others.To round off the day, there was a dancing competition and good dancers were awarded with gifts.The interns topped it off with an educational donation to the school. The items consisted of four boxes of books, stationary and technical materials.

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