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Funkoe Beach Cleanup

Project Date

25 August 2023

Alumni Class

SEO Africa 2022 (GH)



Project description

The SEO Africa Class of 2022 successfully executed the one-day beach cleanup exercise at Funkoe Beach in the Ahanta West Municipal Assembly of the Western Region. The exercise took place on the morning of August 25, 2023. The Class in collaboration with EcoZoil Ltd, effectively cleaned the targeted area of almost 25,000 sqm.

The Primary objectives of the exercise were:

  • To promote awareness of the importance of conserving and protecting the environment with emphasis on the sea and the impact of pollution on coastal ecosystems

  • To collect and properly dispose of the accumulated waste, ensuring that it is handled in an environmentally friendly manner; and

  • To engage the local community in a collaborative effort to clean and preserve the beach, fostering a sense of responsibility and environmental stewardship.

The Class’s arrival at the beach in the morning coincided with the fishermen return from sea. Many were removing freshly harvested fish from their nets and boats while others were busily mending their nets. This posed a challenge to the attainment of the third objective above. Nevertheless, some members of the Class met with the Chief Fisherman and had a conversation regarding the importance of keeping beaches clean. He was enthusiastic about our project and expressed his gratitude. Additionally, members of Ecozoil expressed their frustration with their lack of tools and resources. This, it says, posed a major challenge to its ability to scale and sustain its work. The Class, therefore, donated all the hand tools it had procured for the exercise and 3 dustbins to Ecozoil. The hand tools comprised of 20 brooms and 5 rakes.

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