SEO Africa & Partner Companies' Events

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WITS x UCT x SEO Africa
In-Person Info Session

SEO Africa will be hosting an info session about how you can boost/kickoff your career, as a South African student, at any of our partner companies through its International Career Programme.


Eligibility:  Open to all undergraduates in South Africa.

26th and 28th of September 2022 

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2022 Recruiting Events

Over the coming months, Goldman Sachs invites students to join a series of virtual events to learn more about the firm and relevant opportunities available across EMEA.


Eligibility: African Undergraduates graduating 2023- 2025.

15th of September - October 18th 2022

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J.P Morgan Code for Good Virtual Hackathon

Here's an opportunity to meet with J.P Morgan's recruiting team and experience what it's like to work as a female software engineer at the firm.


Eligibility:  Accepting applications for female students in Nigeria, Ghana, Kenya, & South Africa.

Friday, 23rd September 2022, from 9:00 – 21:00 BST